Wednesday | August 23, 2017

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10 Best Gluten-Free Desserts

1. Apple Tart photo credit: Premshree Pillai via photopin cc This heart-breaker is gluten free and vegan. You’re welcome. Get the recipe here. 2....

4 Exercises for the Perfect Body

If you’re tired of playing equipment roulette in the gym and want to strip your workout routine to the bare bones, these exercises are...
Feature, Lifestyle

Exercise Clothing Guide

Having the right outfit is not only for the office or nights out. Dressing right is just as important for exercise. No matter what...
Lifestyle, No Excuses Series

7 Natural Ways to Relieve Cramps

This is the first article of my ‘no excuses’ series. When trying to convince my friends and sisters to do yoga, bike, or even...
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Essential Grocery List for a Healthy Lifestyle


Top 10 Easy and Mouthwatering Tofu Recipes

1. Savory Sesame Tofu Cake photo credit: Jean-François Chénier via photopin cc These delightful, filling little cakes are perfect as sides or even inside...

9 Family-Friendly Indoor Activities for Winter

Just because it’s grey and miserable outside doesn’t mean you and your family can’t get active and have fun! Here are a few ideas...

7 Most Important Foods and Nutrients for Clear Skin

1. Whole Grains photo credit: mystuart via photopin cc If you want clearer skin, switching from white flour to whole grains is a great...

5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Eating right and exercise are a great way to stay healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget that a huge part of a healthy...