Thursday | June 29, 2017

9 Tips for Bodybuilding

1. Train to Muscle Failure


Muscle Failure is when you are unable to complete a repetition. This is when you push your muscles to their limits, therefore stimulating muscle growth.

2. Keep Your Training Intense

If you want to stimulate muscle growth, you need to keep your training intense. This means training until muscle failure (#1), progressively increasing the amount of weight you use while progressively decreasing the amount of time you do your training.

3. Do Shorter Intense Workouts


Keep your workouts under an hour. Overly long sessions decrease testosterone and growth hormones, while increasing cortisole levels.

4. Control the Motions

There are three levels of strength: positive, static, and negative. You can’t pick and choose which ones you want because all three are needed for correct muscle growth.

5. Take a Break


We all need to rest and our muscles are no different. The body needs time to recover and the muscles that have been worked out need a chance to grow.

6. Don’t Obsess with Diet

Here’s the simple truth about nutrition: You don’t need to be consumed with what you eat. You know what’s good for you and what’s bad, so don’t stress it. Just be careful about how many calories you consume. Eat how you know you should eat, just cut down on your portion sizes.

7. Keep Your Cardio Aerobic


Anaerobic means without air and aerobic means with air. The type of cardio you want to do is aerobic, which burns fat, improves mood, strengthens the heart and lungs and reduces the risk of diabetes.

8. Be Patient

Don’t expect changes to happen overnight. And don’t become discouraged when it takes awhile to see results. Building muscle takes time and anyone offering shortcuts is probably lying.  You need to do the work and do it properly so that the results stick and you don’t damage your body in the process.

9. Ask Professionals


If you have questions, don’t try to look it up online. Go to a professional and get real, expert advice. Don’t take risks with your body. Be careful!

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