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9 Family-Friendly Indoor Activities for Winter

Just because it’s grey and miserable outside doesn’t mean you and your family can’t get active and have fun! Here are a few ideas on ways to get out of the house and moving as a family.

1. Rock Climbing

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If the kids are driving you up the walls, you might as well put all that energy to use. Not only is rock climbing great for children of all ages, but burns crazy amounts of calories (about 400/hr) and gives great muscle tone.

2. Bowling

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Definitely not a workout, but still a lot of fun, bowling is a great way to get the family out of the house. Just skip the sugary drinks and fatty pizza.

3. Laser Tag

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A kinder version of paintball, laser tag really is a workout! All the running and ducking and climbing walls…Oh, that’s just me? Never mind…

4. Visit a Museum

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Perfect for those with younger children or those still in strollers, a day at the museum is not only a great way to get in your daily walk, but it’s also educational.

5. Roller Skating Rink

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This might not come as a surprise, but roller skating is loads of fun and it burns over 300 calories an hour. So ignore that ‘80’s music and thinking about how great it is for your thighs!

6. Aquarium

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Again, a great one for smaller children. With all the learning you’re doing, you won’t even notice all the walking!

7. Ice Skating

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A traditional winter activity, ice skating burns hundreds of calories just from going in circles! And it’s so much more fun than the treadmill.

8. Indoor Pools

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If you don’t have a membership at a gym with an indoor pool, get a day pass from your local YMCA. The kids will love the opportunity to pretend it is summer. Just make sure your hair’s dry before going back outside.

9. Trampoline Parks

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Does this even need explaining? This is probably not a good idea for younger children. But for older kids and adults, even 30 minutes spent jumping around in one of these will exhaust you. And you’ll feel the burn the next morning!

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